An investment in knowledge pays the
best interest.   -Benjamin Franklin
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Electronics For Kids
Where Theory
and Practice Meet

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    Many homeschoolers teach science yet shy away from electronics. They let their children throw around technical terms and hardly know their meaning. Most kids have no idea how Voltage and Current work together in a circuit. Ask your child who is George Ohm?

    How can they experiment with electronics when they can't even see it? For many it seems elusive like the wind. We show them how. After all, we want the word "electronics" to mean more than a video game or gadget to them because it is more than that. Electronics is used everyday for practical applications. Who will design these circuits and create those gadgets? Tomorrow's children will! Start your child learning today.

    Let us entertain and educate your child about the fascinating world of electronics. We cover Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power and the viewer can follow the experiments and calculations. They learn by seeing hearing and doing.

    It's inexpensive to get started, and we show the Parts list. It is simple, easy and fun. We challenge you to inspire your child or your classroom, and let them dream no small dreams.
    Last and certainly not least, let us remember what Edgar Dale said, "We remember
    10% of what we read.
    20% of what we hear.
    30% of what we see.
    50% of what we see and hear.
    70% of what we discuss with others.
    80% of what we personally experience.
    95% of what we teach others."
    Let your child see, hear and experience Electronics For Kids today?  

    Invest in your child. Invest in knowledge.
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