An investment in knowledge pays the
best interest.   -Benjamin Franklin
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Electronics For Kids
Where Theory
and Practice Meet

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  • About EFK101

    Why Johnny Can't Engineer

    Frankly because no one taught them...
    This Educational DVD will teach them
    • Basis Electronics
    • Using a multimeter
    • Circuit fundamentals
    This video teaches the basics of electronics in a unique and clever way. Designed for kids ages 8 and up, yet even adults can learn the principles of Ohms Law, through practical hands on techniques. A history time line shows Benjamin Franklin, James Watt, Alessandro Volta and George Ohm.
    • Packed with information, and served in bite size chunks.
    • Learn how Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power are all related in an electrical circuit.
    • How to take voltage and current measurements with a Digital Multimeter.
    • The viewer can use a calculator to follow along through the formulas.
    • Only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are needed.
    EFK101 is suitable for Home Schooling, public schools, or private home viewing.
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